Individual Courses

Level II Security Guard Training

  • Unarmed Security Guard License
  • 8 Hour Course
  • $67.00
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Level III Security Guard Training

  • Armed Security Guard License
  • 45 Hour Course
  • $232.00
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Level IV Security Guard Training

  • Personal Protection Security Guard License
  • 15 Hour Course
  • $207.00
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Annual Security Guard Re-qualification Training

  • Armed & Personal Protection Security Guard License Renewal
  • 8 Hour Course
  • $82.00
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Combo Courses

Most Popular Package

  • Unarmed Guard License & Armed Guard License
  • 56 Hour Course
  • $290.00 Save $14.00
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Total Package

  • Unarmed, Armed Security Guard & Private Protection License
  • 68 Hour Course
  • $485.00 Save $21.00
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Security Guard Training Houston

As the largest city in Texas, Houston counts on graduates from our premiere security guard classes to keep the community safe.  Houston is one of the four fastest growing cities in the United States (Austin and Dallas are also in the top four), so jobs in the security industry are ample. For full details on how to get armed and unarmed security guard licenses, contact one of our friendly specialists to get you started in our elite security guard classes today.

Houstonians have come to expect the high quality protection provided by the graduates of our security guard training courses. We’re second to none when it comes to security guard classes in gun safety, fire hazard control, and guarding a perimeter. We can quickly equip you with the tools you need in both armed and unarmed security guard training. We focus on how to personalize security guard training courses for you – in the classroom, in the field, in the firing range, we provide the tools you need to succeed.

Public Safety is of the utmost importance – and we can provide the proper security guard licensing to make sure that your employers are comfortable hiring the best. Texas Security Guard Exchange reinforces gun safety and also has concealed weapons training. Whether obtaining a new security guard license or renewing a past one – our helpful instructors ensure that you have are properly informed of the most recent laws.

From Downtown Houston to Mission Control, there are many opportunities to protect and become actively involved with life in Houston.  Moreover, as a professional with proper security guard training, you become an important figure whether you’re controlling a crowd, operating emergency equipment, or protecting a figure or asset. Our extensive Texas Security Jobs Boards will slot you with private sector companies and government organizations, as we try to find the best fit for you.

Call Houston Security Guard Exchange for a full schedule of our security guard training courses. Our security specialists can inform you whether an armed or unarmed security guard license is best for you and put you on a fast track to a satisfying new career today. Take control of the future today – with Texas Security Guard Exchange.