Unarmed Defensive Tactics
Baton, Handcuffing and Verbal Judo Training
5 Hour Course

Course Info

  • Course will cover the proper and professional use of Handcuffs as detainment devices and their proven usage.
  • Course will involve Baton training as a less-lethal tool for the officer.
  • This course will also touch on verbal judo (officer presence)  for resolving conflicts along with recovery from attacks and ambushes.

Student Perks

  • FREE job board for all Students!

State Requirements

  • NC PPSB requires Security Guards to attained professional instruction on the use of a Baton or Handcuffing among other things and attain approval for the use of those tools while on duty.


  • Baton (Rigid or Expanding) Training
  • Rapid Deployment during Strikes
  • Two-Hand Blocks and Drives
  • Professional use of Handcuffs
  • Verbal Judo for resolving conflicts
  • Other Related Topics

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