Armed North Carolina PPSB Training
Armed Security Guard License
24 Hour Course

Course Info

  • This is the required introductory security course that provides the security guard training necessary to work legally as an unarmed security guard in the State of North Carolina.
  • North Carolina Private Protective Services (NC PPS) will issue a license that will allow Students to begin working as a security guard upon completion of this course and successfully submitting the proper State application and required forms.
  • Students that complete the unarmed security guard training must renew their license annually.
  • Students may take this course prior to seeking employment. The attained certificate can be used for pre-employment certification that the required training has been completed.
  • Student is responsible for a $50.00 Range Materials Fee that includes the use of range facilities, targets, eyes & ears protection.

Student Perks

  • FREE job board for all Students!
  • FREE PPSB approved Student Lesson Plan!

State Requirements

  • The North Carolina PPS mandates that applicants for armed security licenses must be at least 21 years of age, have no disqualifying criminal history, and be legally allowed to work in the United States.
  • Security Officers must attained valid unarmed license training in order to obtain the armed security license.
  • The issued certificate for successfully completing the NC PPSB Armed Security Training is valid for 3 months from the date of issue by the training facility.
  • A Licensing Fee must be paid directly to the North Carolina PPS.  This fee is not included in the course price.
  • North Carolina Security Guard License Requirements.


  • North Carolina Chapter 74C
  • Legal Issues and Liabilities
  • Emergency Response
  • Communications
  • Field Note Taking
  • Report Writing
  • Other Required Topics

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