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  • 8 Hour Course
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Security Guard Training Austin

Austin has gained a reputation as one of the coolest cities in the United States in no small part to the wealth of things to do.  South by Southwest is one of the biggest (but not the only) indication of a burgeoning film, music, and tech scene.  With so much to do, “Keeping Austin Safe” is just as important as “Keeping Austin Weird”.  A security guard license in this hot spot does more than safeguard the locals and tourists, it’s your ticket to always be “in the know” with everything going on in Austin.

Crowd control and first aid are to courses that will come in handy, specifically in Austin.  Our security guard training classes features some of the best instructors in the industry and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge in these fields and more.  Need to learn about detention and trespassing liability laws?  No problem.  Need your CPR certification?  We have a course for that too.  Whatever skills you need to thrive in Austin, we have both armed and unarmed security guard classes to keep everyone safe (including you).

Austin is also home to a number of great businesses.  From Whole Foods to Hospira to the wealth of technology companies (making Austin “the Silicon Hills”), industries need security for their property, events, and employees.  Find a long term career with one of these great businesses or enjoy the flexibility of going from event to event if you’re looking to complete school on the side.  Getting your security guard license will give you the best of both worlds: gainful employment or flexibility: it’s up to you.

Austin Security Guard Exchange is committed to getting you employed and keeping you working.  Once you graduate from the proper security guard classes, you will be able to browse through our voluminous Texas Security Jobs Board.  Find available work not only in Austin, but all over the great state of Texas.  If you’re looking for a gratifying job that will support you and your family, see which security guard classes are running today.

Don’t wait to pick up your phone and give us a call today.  One our trained security specialists will help formulate a unique security guard training program that fits your schedule and lifestyle.  Get your security guard license today to expand your options and build on your skills.  A new career in security is the best way to jumpstart your future plans now.