Virginia needs professionals with the best security guard training as the diverse economy explodes.  Whether it’s technology, defense, tourism, finance, or agriculture, Virginia’s industries also need safety and security for the employees and their customers.  Remember, a Virginia security training license may differ from those in other states, so make sure to read the full requirements and let security guard exchange train you with our premiere classes and knowledgeable instructors.  Here are a couple basics to remember:

– You must be at least 18 years old.

– No drug or alcohol use or dependence (must successfully pass a drug test).

– Submit to fingerprinting.

– No felony convictions (submit to a criminal background check).

Virginia’s security licensing requirements includes at 18 hour course which cover topics as broad as Virginia’s laws and regulations for the security industry, spotting signs of terrorism, proper documentation, and legitimate use of force and confrontation management.  There is also a  comprehensive written examination at the end of the training.  Virginia’s security guard licensing process doesn’t have to be confusing – let our instructors provide you with the best chance and peace of mind to succeed.

With the influx of government and defense facilities in our state, employers and the public want to know that they have the best security the industry has to offer.  The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services sets the standards for working in this state and we want to help you exceed those standards.  Start an enriching career in a state where businesses are booming.  the security industry is great for both full time staff (Virginia offers many opportunities) and as a well-paying part-time job (which you can schedule with our Virginia Security Jobs board).  The proper security training and security guard licensing is the first step to a better future.


Initial 2 year Registration – $25.00

Fingerprinting – $50.00

Licensing Body:

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services


6 VAC 20-171-120