Not only is the Volunteer State home to many major corporations, it’s quickly branding a reputation for being a popular tourism location. Who wouldn’t want to go to what’s been one of America’s cultural capitals of music?  With the thriving businesses and plethora of music venues and events, quality Tennessee security guard training is more crucial than ever.  If you’ve thought about building a career in Tennessee that integrates you as part of the community or maybe you need a flexible and fulfilling part-time job that gets you from gig to gig, getting a security guard license is the path for you.

Tennessee has rigorous standards for what it takes to be in the security industry and get your security license.  Let us simplify the process and make it easier for you to navigate.  If you’re serious about getting your Tennessee security license, make sure you know these basic requirements:

–  Be at least 18 years old.

–  Be a citizen of the United States.

–  No convictions in the last 5 years (no drug or alcohol use on your record).

– Submit to fingerprinting for both the TBI and the FBI.

– Completion of mandatory training requirements.

Tennessee has several training requirements that must be completed prior to getting your security license, and that’s an hour of training in the following:

1. Orientation for your security training.

2. Legal aspects of security and its limitations.

3. Emergency procedures.

4. Duty requirements.

Please note that we offer classes in any extra security training you need (for example we have certification instructors for stun guns, mace, and the nightstick).  Tennessee is a great place to start your career and the first steps are your security guard license and security guard training.  Become a vital part of the community – with our Tennessee Security Jobs Board, you’ll see how many doors proper security licensing can open.


Application fee:  $50.00

License:  $20.00

Licensing Body:

Department of Commerce and Insurance


Chapter 0780-5-2-.24