For a smaller state, New Jersey is one of the most dense and most populous states in the United States.  With all of the locals who love the state and the thousands of tourists who visit, New Jersey is always in need for officers with elite security guard training.  New Jersey is a state that is both growing, and values its security.  It’s the perfect place to get your security guard license and make a better future for you and for the community.  Let us help you with the specifics of obtaining your New Jersey security guard license:

Registering for your New Jersey security guard license goes through the Superintendent of the Department of Law and Public Safety.  You will have to complete your application before you serve as a security professional.

– you must be at least 18 years old.

– provide your previous employers for the past five years.

– complete a background check and submit to fingerprinting.  Make an appointment with IdentoGo and print the fingerprint form and temporary certification form for your application.

– not be convicted for disqualifying crimes or misdemeanors.

After your receive notice that your application has been approved by the Superintendent’s office, you will be required to complete the New Jersey security guard training program.

New Jersey has unique challenges in the security field, and your security training will reflect the diverse nature of your curriculum.  The 25 hour security guard training course includes topics like:

– Professional, Ethical, and Legal conduct.

– Proper detention of suspects, limits on restraint and use of force.

– Homeland Security and counter-terrorism.

– First Aid, CPR, and AED

New Jersey is a great place to make a living.  From it’s many ports to it’s busy cities, the citizens of New Jersey place security at a premium.  So make sure to contact us today; let us help you get slotted with a job on our New Jersey Security Jobs Board and get you security guard license. There’s no better time than now to start a fulfilling career in the state you love.


$75.00 Licensing fee.

Licensing Body:

The Superintendent of the Division of the State Police in the Department of Law & Public Safety


Title 13. Chapter 55A