Nevada is a state known for its luck and fortune, but when it comes to a career in the Silver state, you need to take fate into your own hands.  A career in security is satisfying and necessary in Nevada.  With so many tourists, parties, and events, the best security guard training is always in demand.  Nevada closely regulates most industries, and security is no exception.  Let us help you expand your options with a security guard license, so you can find gainful employment at some of the best places in the state.

To work as a security professional in Nevada, you must first get a registration card from Nevada’s Private Investigator Licensing Board.  While you don’t have to train prior to submitting your application, there is a written exam you must also complete with your submission.  Choose Security Guard Exchange for the premiere security guard training in the industry.  We can assist you with all of the requirements and fundamentals that you will need to equip yourself for success.

(1) Visit the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board and select the “Work Cards/Registered Employee Services” in the upper right hand tab.

(2)  Select the “Online Applications on the middle of that page.  Make sure you stop by this dashboard frequently, to check the status of your application and whether or not your security guard license is up for renewal.

(*) Note that you can also send your application by mail to:

704 W. Nye Lane                    3110 S. Durango Drive

Suite 203                        Suite 202

Carson City, Nevada 89703                Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

(3) Use the “Instructions/Checklist” section on the left to make sure you have everything you need:

– Completed Application

– signed and dated Civil Applicant Waiver

– Passport sized photo

– Copy of two forms of identification (Driver’s License OR state/federal issued ID AND Social Security Card OR birth ceritifcate)

– *for non-US citizens, a copy of your resident or employment authorization card.

– Fingerprints via electronic submission form.

– Payment online with credit card OR in person with money order/cashier’s check.

– Security Guard Exam with a score of 100%

It may take up to ten days for you receive your security guard license approval.  Take the opportunities available to you in Nevada today.  There’s no time like the present to take control of your future – and the best security guard training in Nevada will put you on your way.


$85.00 – if you submit your fingerprints online.

$95.00 – if you provide fingerprint cards (do not submit cards unless instructed to do so).

$44.00 – if you wish to expedite the application process (along with the application fee).

Licensing Body:

Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board


Chapter 648