Massachusetts is not only a state known for the strength of its economy, but also for the strength of its education.  This is a great environment for security guard jobs, as there many conferences, events, and parties for both industries.  Massachusetts is a perfect place to have proper security guard training; if you’re going to school, it’s a well-paying part-time job.  If you’re looking for a career, there are many businesses that are looking for long-term employment.

Massachusetts is one of those states where a security guard license is not necessarily required, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get proper security guard training.  If anything, there are technicalities and specific situations that security guard training can clarify.  A security guard license can still give you a competitive edge for employment in Massachusetts.

Here are just a couple facts to get you started:

To become a security guard in Massachusetts:

– Be 18 years old or older

– Must be a U.S. citizen or registered resident

– Submit to drug testing

– successfully pass a background check

Massachusetts has plenty of opportunities for launching your career.  By completing our security training program, you can build on your skills to apply for hundreds of jobs from Boston to Cambridge to Worcester.  Our exclusive Massachusetts Security Jobs Board will ensure that your security guard training will be put to good use.

Here are some of the topics covered in our courses:

– Proper detention procedures and the legal aspects of the security industry

– Best practices of professional incident reporting and documentation

– Security guard training on surveillance and monitoring equipment

– First aid/ CPR/ crowd control

Even though a Massachusetts Security License isn’t yet required by the state, let us help you navigate what you need to know for special situations and to make you the best candidate for a job in the security industry.

Licensing Body:

(when applicable)

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security


M.G.L. Chapter 147 Sections 22 – 30