Georgia is a state of industry and a great place to visit;  tourism is thriving here!  From the historic districts of Savannah to the family friendly atmosphere of Atlanta, Georgians expect a high level of security for all of the locals and visitors.  Peace of mind is one of the things that makes Georgia a sought after destination.  You can contribute to your state by getting the best security guard training in the industry.  Not only will you be protecting the people and businesses of your neighborhood, you will have a satisfying career that’s always in demand!  If you’re looking for a great job, here are a couple things to know about being a security guard in Georgia:

To be an unarmed security guard in Georgia, you don’t need a security guard license, but you do need to have the proper security guard training.

– Must be at least 18 years old.

– Must be a United States Citizen or a legal resident.

– Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

– Must submit to drug testing.

– Must have no felony convictions or crimes involving illegal use of weapons.

Just because you don’t need a security guard license to be a security guard in Georgia, doesn’t mean it’s easy to start your career.  There are many caveats and specifics you need to be aware of (for example you do need a Georgia security guard license to be an unarmed security guard).  Security Guard Exchange is here not only to help you with any special situations, but also to help improve your skills in a variety of different areas.  We offer training on the latest developments within our industry:

– Homeland Security.

– Liability and legal laws regarding detention and use of force.

– Proper incident reporting and documentation.

– Proper use of mace, night sticks, and other forms of self-defense

– Security guard training in the latest surveillance and monitoring resources.

– First aid/ CPR/fire safety

Most of all, making sure that you are employed and putting your security guard training to work is very important to us.  We offer all of our graduates full access to our Georgia Security Board which will provide you with information to thousands of employers across the state. Don’t hesitate now.  Sign up for an exciting career in security today!

Licensing Body:

Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies