Arizona is a great place to start a family or business; it’s a state where people build homes, lives, and careers.  This is a perfect place for you to build your own future with proper security guard training and an Arizona security license.  Arizona is a state the makes it easy for people to “startup” and a career in security is no different; this is one of the few states where security guard training is not required before your apply for a security guard position.

That’s what makes it all the more important that you have Security Guard Exchange to help you with your career decisions.  Firstly, a security guard license will set you apart from the competition and the use of our exclusive Arizona Security Jobs Board will keep you up to date with all the new employment opportunities that open up.  There are many caveats that come along with the freedom of not being required to have a security license.

– You MUST be licensed if you work for an individual security guard agency or contractor.

– You DON’T NEED to have a security guard license if you’re working directly for a private company.

–  If you require a security license, you cannot legally wear a security guard uniform until you obtain an Arizona security license from the Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit.

If you are in a situation where you do need to get an Arizona Security License, we’ve got the steps here for you to obtain one easily:

1.  If you’re employed by a Department of Public Safety certified Security Guard Agency, you will need to complete the Employer section – Part A – of the registration application.

2.  Complete the Employee section – Part B – with your signature.

3. Submit of proper fingerprinting and a criminal background check.  We have the Department of Public Safety’s Licensing Unit fingerprinting section here for your convenience.

4. Submit a color passport-size photograph of your face.

5.  Complete the 8 hour pre-assignment unarmed training course.  Arizona security guard training includes topics such as criminal law and laws of arrest, uniform and grooming, use of force, emergency response procedures, and many more.

6. Submit the training verification, signed by you, the instructor, and the qualifying party or resident manager.

7.  Pay the appropriate fees ($72.00) to the Department of Public Licensing.  This covers the $50.00 registration fee and the $22.00 FBI fingerprinting certification.

Starting a new career in Arizona can be very satisfying, but without the proper guidance, it could also be a little confusing.  Let Security Guard Exchange take the complications out of the security licensing process.  Call us today to get more information on how to embark on a better future.


Licensing Body:
Arizona Department of Public Safety Licensing Unit

Forms and Instructions

ARS 32-2606