The state of Alabama requires security guards to be licensed; this licensing includes training that must be completed prior to an Alabama unarmed security license being issued. The Alabama unarmed security licenses are issued for the amount of two years; during this time, there is a requirement for a yearly refresher course to be taken. This licensing will open up opportunities in the security sector both public and private for the unarmed security guard in the state of Alabama. There will also be other requirements that need to be fulfilled such as:

  • The applicant must have a valid Alabama driver’s license.
  • Any person applying for an unarmed security guard license in Alabama must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicant will submit to a background check.
  • The applicant will submit fingerprints.
  • To be approved for an Alabama unarmed security guard licenses; there can be no felony convictions or certain misdemeanor offenses.
  • A social security number must be provided.

The state requires a written form to be filled out both front and back providing all the information asked for to be issued an unarmed security guard license in the state of Alabama. This form will require personal information, fingerprints and other information. There will also need to be proof supplied that there has been training at a state certified training facility, which is required prior to applying for the license. The training that will be provided will include:

  • Training in legal and ethical issues.
  • The use of limited force
  • How to properly report to authorities
  • Write proper written reports
  • How to deal with medical emergencies including first aid and CPR
  • How to deal with fire emergencies
  • Crowd control
  • Detainment of suspects

The training provided by the Alabama state certified facility would enable the unarmed security guard to work in the security sector and to competently report to officials in written reports. The unarmed security guard will have training in the proper handling of emergency situations and crowd control during an emergency should one arise while they are on duty. Trainees will also learn the importance of properly writing reports and the format used. This training and being issued an Alabama unarmed security guard license will qualify this person to be employed in the security sector in many areas:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels
  • Apartment complexes
  • Parks
  • Malls

There are other types of employment in the security sector that the unarmed security guard will be qualified to fill after their state certified training and their license has been issued. The types of employment this licensed unarmed security guard will work in will not require them to carry a firearm. In order to carry a firearm there is more extensive training required and weapons training, so that the security guard would be able to qualify for a weapons license. The State of Alabama collects reasonable fees for the administration and regulation of licenses.

  • (a) Personal Security License – New Unarmed Application $25.00
  • (b) Personal Security License – Renewal $25.00
  • (c) Personal Security License Late Fee $12.50

Licensing Body:

  • Alabama Security Regulatory Board